Full 2-DAY Lecture & Hands-on for Doctors 
June 17 & 18, 2023

About this Workshop

This innovative and noble workshop comprises of Modern Medicine DongAn protocol, Injectable Aesthetics with DDS technology, and a 70years old herbal injectable medicine: wild ginseng solution made using the low-temperature supercritical carbon extraction method and ultrafiltration technology.

With successful practices from Russia to Korea, the keynote speakers, Dr. Jung, and Dr. Lena bring a wealth of health to wellness clinical protocols for bringing back health, then to wellness & aesthetics.

What is health back to wellness? 

The simple idea is to treat beyond symptoms, rather than target the cause of the disease, some practices would define it as a hormone disorder, while herbal or modern medicine balances body forces to build strong immunity.

What is the aesthetics then? 

It’s the quick non-invasive fix, with DDS technology in the injectable that also uses skin immune exosomes.

What’s Unique About This Workshop?

This is unlike a typical quick fix, we bring to you successful treatment modalities with clinical efficacies and studies, a combined tool to make you the artist for your patient.

Being up to date with the latest techniques and cutting-edge products, the keynote speakers, and our international clinical trainer, this session gives another perspective into how wellness medicine and aesthetics are done elsewhere with success.

In addition to the seminar, for participants who are going into the courses offered and require product training, we provide a support channel on our website to grow together.


The correlation between immunity and anti-aging

The correlation between inflammation and obesity

Who Is it for?

This workshop is specially designed for Aesthetic Physicians who want to:

Update their skillset and move up in the field of Wellness & Aesthetic Medicine,

Increase income in the field by meeting more market demands, Progress in the field but are currently feeling stuck and Doctor-Centric Aesthetic practice.


All that’s required for joining the workshop is open to medical professionals.

Feeling unsure and unprepared with your suboptimal knowledge of Aesthetics?

Why Does This Workshop Matter?

The biggest advantage of this Workshop is the expertise of our keynote speakers, who are active and licensed doctors in their countries, Russia and Korea. Practitioners who dealt with clients on a daily basis have extensive experience in managing complicated cases. 

This allows you to learn from someone with enormous exposure to real-life situations thereby equipping you with skills and confidence to level up in this field.

Consider the vast amount of resources available and the opportunity of preceptorship later in the year 2023.

by selection criteria, online support resources.

Our panel of doctors and scientists is well-versed with the latest cutting-edge technology and will bring you up to date with the latest developments from Korea and around the world.

Think of the opportunity to be able to ask questions and seek guidance from a team with an enormous wealth of first-hand experience in managing clients, and handling complications and is knowledgeable and experienced in the latest technology and techniques. This is exactly what this Workshop gives you.

Additionally, you will learn essential skills such as consultation with clients, communication, ethical selling, and managing client expectations. Apart from the many tips, you will also learn how to handle difficult and demanding clients. Because of his daily experience, a team can train you better when it comes to these important areas in Wellness & Aesthetic Medicine.

Your Speakers & Trainers


Ph.D. Korean Medicine(Herbology)

•Adjunct Professor of Kyung Hee University Korean Medicine

•President of Korean Immuno-Yakchim Society

•Vice-President of International Merdian & Immuno Therapy Society

•Director of Nam Sang-cheon Korean Medicine Clinic

•CEO of Nam Sang-cheon RnD Center


•Redidency in ophthalmology (Moscow Ophthalmology Clinic of Fedorov)


•Doctor of TCM, TKM

•Acupuncture Specialist

•Speaker in Russia, CIS countries

•Founder of KMMA


Non-invasive Aesthetics Clinical Trainer

Biz Dev(Asean), Novamed Intl

Owner, Wellness Unlimited

R&D Management Verbiage Skin Ceuticals Inc.

Are you a doctor looking to expand your skills and up your game in the field of Aesthetics?

What You Will Learn?

DAY 1: June 17, 2023
DAY 2: June 18, 2023

✔ DongAn(동안) Point: Natural & Healthy Face Lift with Exosome and herbal medicine.

✔ Aesthetic Injectable with DDS technology & Exosome today.

✔ PART 1.  Regulation of immune and endocrine functions using herbal extract injection

✔ Theory Part: 

- Definition of Pharmacopuncture and Introduction of Wild Ginseng Solution: DANGUN & SOSU

*DANGUN: Wild Ginseng Immune Inj.

*SOSU: Wild Ginseng Obesity Inj. 

- Effectiveness and Application of Wild Ginseng Solution

Indication of Liver function improvement & chronic fatigue,  Cleaning of blood vessels
Introduction to treatment methods
DEMO: A demonstration of practical therapy

✔ Body Rejuvenation Point for Obesity.

✔ Theory Part

- Obesity as a systemic disease in Korean Modiental Medicine

- Differences in organ system classification in Korean Modiental medicine

- Special protocol to open face & body stimulation channels for effective rejuvenation & slimming

✔ Hands-on

✔ PART 2. Regulation of immune and endocrine functions using herbal extract injection 

Indication of 

- Cancer, autoimmune diseases

- Menopause disorder

- Hypothyroidism

- A male disease

- A stroke of dementia

Introduction to treatment methods

✔ DEMO: A demonstration of practical therapy

Workshop Benefits

Apart from gaining technical skills, there are additional benefits that you will obtain through this Workshop:

You are encouraged to bring your own subjects for additional practice.

Limited slots, first come first served and model criteria apply.

Increased earning potential that comes with your heightened skillset in herbal and exosome applications.

Consultation techniques with clients and managing client expectations.

Dealing with difficult and demanding clients.

Honing your communication skills as well as engaging in ethical selling.

Don’t miss this opportunity!

It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to participate in a hands-on training of this magnitude with a team of accomplished doctors

You will impact the lives of your clients and offer them satisfaction in life!

Don’t let your busy schedule, financial commitments, and other distractions keep you from this limited chance to stand out as an Aesthetic Physician in your market.

How about giving yourself that chance at becoming a true success in your field? The decision is yours.


USD2000 seminar attendance only.

USD3000 with purchase of EXSOLU product package.

Hurry, Limited Slots.


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